"INTENSIVE ORCHARD: INNOVATIONS WITHOUT MISTAKES" - conference in Vinnitsa with Summit-Agro Ukraine participation

The season of 2018 brought not only a generous apples harvest, but also a lot of difficulties to Ukrainian orchard growers. So, on 27-29th November, more than 150 participants from all over Ukraine gathered at the «INTENSIVE ORCHARD – 2018» conference. Innovations without mistakes "in Vinnitsa to summarize the season and share experiences.

Speakers' speeches were devoted to various aspects of orchard growing: issues of laying and intensive care, protection, fertilization and plant nutrition. Specially invited guests from Poland, Czech Republic and Belgium shared with guests their experience and practical recommendations. Considerable attention was paid to innovative orchard growing solutions.

In connection with the strengthening of the requirements of European countries for pesticide residues in imported food products and increasing demand for organic products every year, biosecurity in Ukraine is becoming increasingly urgent. From 2017 "Summit-Agro Ukraine" actively develops and introduces to the Ukrainian market the bioproducts line - SEIPRO.

The leading gardening expert from "Summit-Agro Ukraine" Andriy Osykovyy presented at the conference products of the SEIPRO line for biosecurity of fruit and berry crops: biofungicide on the basis of extract of bitter orange BESTKUR, SL acting against gray rot and bacteriosis, biostimulant and soil bioactivator AMALGEROL, EW, stimulant of pollination and growth of fruits KINAKTIV INISHIAL, SL, fruit growth regulator, CYTOGROWER, SL and amino acids based biostimulant for increasing the productivity and quality of fruits – KINAKTIV FRUIT, SL.

Among the novelties for orchard growing for the season 2019, the company «Summit-Agro Ukraine» offers a new acaricide for apple AKARAMIK, EC against mites and aphids, fungicide YUTACA, SE, which has already proved its effectiveness in field crops, and in 2018 year has received an extension of the registration for apple, and the fungicide MEDZIAN EXTRA 350, SC, which already has a certificate of ORGANIC STANDARD and can be applied in organic horticulture.