«Summit-Agro Ukraine» introduces to the Ukrainian market the unique plant bioactivator produced by «Fyteko» for thermal and water stress control

Ukrainian farmers growing maize, wheat, sunflower, peas, or soybeans will be among the first in the world to start using a novel plant bioactivator NURSPRAY from March 2022.

«Summit-Agro Ukraine» has signed an exclusive agreement with European agricultural biotech developer «Fyteko» to distribute NURSPRAY, a new product that promises farmers a means of ‘stress-proofing’ their crops.

NURSPRAY contains hydrocinnamic oligomers, a group of naturally occurring biomolecules found within plant cell walls. From a new class of biostimulants known as «signal molecules», when applied to crops NURSPRAY  «trains» the plant’s natural defense mechanism to prepare for stress events such as heat, or low water availability.

«Fyteko identified the role of hydroxycinnamic oligomers in 2014,» says the company’s CEO and cofounder Guillaume Wegria. «Since then, we’ve worked hard to further understand and refine the biomolecule’s behavior in the crop, enabling us to commercialize the discovery and make it available to farmers around the world.

«Following regulatory approvals, 2022 marks the first year of NURSPRAY commercial sales. We’re absolutely delighted to sign this exclusive agreement with «Summit-Agro Ukraine» which is a company with Japanese roots that enjoys the trust of Ukrainian farmers. «Biomolecules are the next generation of crop protection chemistry and it’s very exciting to see the product coming to such a globally significant agricultural market as Ukraine,» he enthuses.

Mr. Wegria points to the results of more than 450ha of demonstration trials conducted in Ukraine between «Fyteko» and «Summit-Agro Ukraine». More than 50 farms across the country participated in demo trials and the average yield increase from crops treated with NURSPRAY was above four per cent on all crops.

NURSPRAY is already officially registered in Ukraine for crops such as wheat, maize, sunflower, soybeans and peas, and oil seed rape will be added soon.

«Summit-Agro Ukraine» has exclusive rights to sell the product and is the only distributor in Ukraine.

Tamara Melnychayko - CEO of «Summit-Agro Ukraine» Ltd.

«Since 2017, «Summit-Agro Ukraine» has been actively developing the «SeiPro» line of organic products on the domestic market, prioritizing responsible attitude to human health and the environment, » said Tamara Melnychayko, CEO of the company.

"Our goal is to ensure comprehensive protection of crops using both chemical and biological products.

As a result of climate change, field crops are constantly affected by high temperatures and drought, which often has a critical impact on crop yields.

We’ve long been looking for a reliable, safe, and environmentally friendly solution that minimizes the impact of thermal stressors on field crops. And finally, we present it to Ukrainian farmers!

During the trials, NURSPRAY demonstrated a reliable protection against drought with long-term action, which allowed not only to preserve crops, but also to increase crop yields.

NURSPRAY is a unique plant bioactivator for thermal and water stress control, which allows you to increase yields by up to 20% in drought conditions! NURSPRAY has proven itself well when applied with fungicides, which makes it an effective partner in tank mixes».

Information about «Summit-Agro Ukraine»:

«Summit-Agro Ukraine» Ltd. was established in 1999 by «Sumitomo Corporation», which today is one of the largest multinational corporations in the world.

«Summit-Agro Ukraine» follows the Japanese traditions and provides Ukrainian farmers with high-quality, safe for people and environmentally friendly products. Wholesale of plant protection products, organic products and excipients for agricultural production is the main activity of the company.

«Summit-Agro Ukraine» is included into group of companies «Sumi Agro Europe», which has branches in almost all European countries.

The combined resources of «Sumitomo Corporation», «Sumi Agro Europe» and companies at the national level provide a strong basis for the development, marketing, and logistics operations in the agricultural sector.

Official website: www.summit-agro.com.ua

Information about «Fyteko»:

Belgian company «Fyteko» has been established in 2014 by bio-entrepreneurs Guillaume Wegria and Dr Juan Carlos Cabrera.

 «Fyteko» is a committed climate-smart company, focused on the development of advanced plant biostimulants.

People in company believe that agriculture can be made more stable, predictable, and organic. Inspired by numerous practical trials «Fyteko» stuff put this idea into practice every day.

Official website: www.fyteko.com