Volta-Ego® Advance, SL
Multifunctional water conditioner for maximum pesticide effectiveness!
Product name
Volta-Ego® Advance, SL
Active ingredient
complex of nonionic surfactants 25% + citrate buffer complex, 13.6% + excipients
soluble concentrate
5 ltr tank


0,125-0,5% depending on water hardness


Calculate the amount of VOLTA-EGO ADVANCE based on the degree of hardness of water - the higher the hardness of water, the greater the concentration of the product required for water conditioning:

Water hardness, ppm
 VOLTA-EGO ADVANCE concentration
up to 300
0.25% (250 ml per 100 liters of water)
0.3% (300 ml per 100 liters of water)
0.4% (400 ml per 100 liters of water)
> 600
0.5% (500 ml per 100 liters of water)
  • fill the sprayer with water and first add the required amount of VOLTA-EGO ADVANCE;
  • turn on the mixer for 2-3 minutes to stabilize the solution;
  • continue to prepare the working solution, adding product in the planned sequence.